Get Up To Speed With Website Performance Optimization

For Your Clients & Your Business

Deliver a faster and more effective sales platform for your clients with comprehensive front end performance optimization services - all while raising revenue and boosting business.

Customized To-Do Lists

Make an immediate positive impact on your clients' websites and your bottom line. I provide detailed client-specific recommendations formatted as an easy-to-follow, actionable to-do list with examples, references and code snippets. Simply follow the list and get extra help anytime.

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Ongoing Support

Contact me with questions or for extra guidance as you address recommendations and apply optimization techniques.

Extra help
  • just an email away
  • from a real person
  • when you need it

Learning Materials

Get your team up to speed with the fundamentals of website performance optimization with clear, concise information and resources.

Website Performance Optimization Checklist PDF
The performance optimization checklist is a quick reference of 16+ optimization strategies.

From the basics of the website speed glossary to the 9,000-word complete guide, I've created a variety of materials to teach your team and help you integrate performance optimization into your development process and company culture.

Learning how to help your clients streamline the path to sales with a faster and more effective website is a valuable investment and the full performance optimization guide is a great place to start developing a strong foundation of the concepts involved and fundamental techniques.

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